New York by Gehry

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By Susan Pigg

Today, there are 61,000 [people living in Lower Manhattan]. A lot of them are folks much like Mike Kim, 34, and his wife Hayley, 31, who jumped at the chance to live in what, for a brief time, was Manhattan’s tallest residential tower when it first opened in 2011 — New York by Gehry, a 903-unit, 76-storey skyscraper designed by Canada’s own architect extraordinaire, Frank Gehry.

“Hayley and I often discuss how much more bang we could get for our buck if we moved to a house in Long Island or New Jersey, but we wouldn’t have the luxury of having all the amenities and conveniences of New York right at our fingertips,” says Kim.

“This is becoming such a family-friendly area of Manhattan and there’s a real sense of community in this building,” says Hayley. Kids and strollers are a common sight in the lobby, and there are weekly music programs for moms and tots, the annual Halloween party and get-togethers in the common room to connect parents and kids.

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